Cell Phone-Driving Laws in New York

Almost everyone these days has a cell phone on them at all times. Cell phone use while driving is now the norm, despite the serious consequences that often occur when a driver gets distracted by their phone.

New York State enacted strict cell phone use laws to prevent future accidents, injuries and fatalities. Continue reading to learn more about the details of cell phone use and driving, and how to beat a NY cell phone ticket.

Use Of An Electronic Device

When you hear someone mention “cell phone use” in a vehicle, your mind often assumes texting and driving.

Though this is a very common cause of distracted driving accidents, cell phones have many uses in a vehicle, such as a navigation system app and music selections. New York law prohibits any use of a hand-held cell phone while driving. Not only that, but they included laptops, video games, and any other types of electronic devices in this consideration.

Exceptions To The Law

Exceptions to the rule exist, however. For example, if you utilize a computer system built into your vehicle, whether that be satellite radio stations, GPS navigation systems, a computer that allows you to talk on your phone through the speakers of the vehicle, or even make use of hands-free apps.

As long as you can keep boths hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road, your vehicles built in electronics will not be considered a distraction under the cell phone driving laws.

The only time it will be considered acceptable to use your hand-held cell phone while driving is if you must call 911 to report an emergency, or if you must speak with a physician or hospital regarding a personal emergency situation.

What Are The Penalties?

Penalties for being found guilty of using a cell phone while driving can be high, depending on what type of license you carry, and if you are a repeat offender. For a first time offender, you could be fined up to $200. If you reoffend within 18 months of your first offense, expect a fine of $250.

Additional offenses within 18 months can carry fines as high as $450. Each of these tickets can also carry a $93 surcharge. In addition to monetary penalties, if found guilty of using a cell phone while driving, your driving record will be hit with 5 driver violation points which can affect your insurance premiums and driving record for years to come.

Plead “Not Guilty”  With A New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer

When you want to fight the hefty penalties you’re facing, and you’re prepared to go to court to plead your case, the assistance of a qualified New York traffic ticket lawyer can be beneficial to your case.

Your attorney will know what the appropriate defense to take should be and help you gather the evidence necessary to support your claims. Don’t go at it alone; your chances of success will be increase with a skilled attorney on your side.