How Pain Relief Can Turn Addictive

When you’re hurt in an accident, whether that’s a slip-and-fall accident,  a car crash, or anything in between, you may be suffering from severe pain for far longer than you’re suffering from your injuries. 

We’re focusing on why, exactly, protecting yourself from painkiller addiction after an injury is so important. The relief can help you feel better, but at what cost? 

How Painkillers Turn Addictive 

When you’re injured, a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can do a lot to help you. They can represent you in court, make sure you get compensation for your losses, and defend you when the responsible party tries to pin the blame on you. 

What a lawyer (or even a doctor) can’t do, though, is make your chronic pain go away. Chronic or permanent injuries are difficult to overcome, which means your pain may be consistent. 

Your doctor may prescribe medication, rather than focusing on fixing the underlying issue. When bedrest and medication are what the doctor orders, you may begin using these medications as intended. However, it’s easy to build a dependence on them. 

When you need painkillers, like Oxycontin, just to function on a daily basis, it can be tough to recover from both your pain and your medication. These pain medicines can lead to dependence, especially if you’re not going to therapy or don’t have a support system behind you. You may find yourself relying on pills, which develops into an intense problem that could affect your life.

What Are My Alternatives?

Dealing with an addiction can be difficult, and the journey out of addiction is rarely easy. You may need help from your doctor, family, or even rehab to overcome your suffering. If you’ve only recently began treatment for chronic pain from your injuries, you have time to make changes to your life and find alternatives to such an addictive substance. 

For example, you may pursue different options for pain relief. While alternative medicine may have a reputation, many injured people find relief from their suffering in these practices. You may also be able to work out a plan for treatment with your doctor. For example, if you suffered a back injury, physical therapy may help you stop the pain sooner. 

Typically, your options for recovery will depend on your doctor. Talking to your doctor as well as your family and friends can help you build a support system that helps you face your suffering and get help for it. 

Getting Pain Relief the Safe Way

If you’ve been injured, there’s a chance that you may need pain relief options that help you overcome the suffering you’ve experienced because of your accident. Unfortunately, that relief can become addictive fast, leaving you dependent on your pain medicine for daily tasks. 

While painkillers aren’t always a bad thing, having alternatives to medications like Oxycontin can help you avoid major consequences that hurt you in the long run. Fortunately, you have options to recover. Talk to your family, friends, and doctor about your options to avoid an addiction or kick a current addiction. 


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