Long-Term Pain After a Truck Accident

Oxycontin is a dangerous drug, and it’s easy to become dependent on it just to manage the pain you’re experiencing. Sadly, it can be hard to avoid altogether, especially if you’ve been injured in a severe commercial truck accident and need help. 

If you’re hurt in a truck accident, you may be prescribed Oxycontin to help you deal with your injuries. Your Chicago truck accident lawyer can help you get compensated for your pain and other losses, but you may need help getting medical attention to help you avoid these addictive medications. If you’ve been injured and need help, reach out for guidance with your long-term pain. 

Truck Accidents Can Cause Severe Injuries 

When you’re hurt in a truck accident, you may be facing more difficult, painful injuries than you would have in other accidents. Commercial trucks are massive and heavy, meaning they can do a lot more damage when they hit you.

This can lead to severe injuries like broken bones, brain injuries, and spinal cord damage. Injuries like these can lead to long-term, severe pain, which can make it hard for you to recover after an accident. These severe injuries can last for a long time, and they may even cause chronic issues. 

Dealing with Pain After an Accident

When you’re hurt and suffering from serious pain, your doctor may try to simply prescribe painkillers for relief. While these drugs can take away the pain, they can also leave you dependent without dealing with the root of the problem. 

Instead of simply dealing with the pain through Oxycontin and similar drugs, get to the source of your pain. Your doctor should be able to prescribe physical therapy, other medications, and even surgeries that can reduce the effects of the problem, treating more than just the pain. 

Your Options for Pain Relief

Unfortunately, many injured people struggle to recover from the severe pain that comes from a severe truck accident. Many people find themselves addicted to painkillers just to deal with the suffering that comes from their long-term injuries. 

The good news is, you don’t have to deal with that on your own. Instead of accepting your losses and relying on painkillers, you have other options to get pain relief and seek compensation for the losses you’ve suffered after your accident. If you’re struggling to overcome your losses, you may need a lawyer’s help, though, so reach out when you’re hurt to minimize these losses. 


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