Surprising Side Effects of Oxycontin

Surprising Side Effects of Oxycontin

Dealing with an injury is already bad enough. You’re in pain, and your treatment might still leave you feeling that pain and suffering. Your doctor might prescribe you Oxycontin to protect you from that suffering. 

However, you may still be at risk of severe side effects and instead have the additional struggle of dealing with those, too. 

If you’re concerned about the effects of your medication, read on to see a few of the effects you could be facing with your medication. 

Some Serious Effects Are Common

Unfortunately, even mild side effects can affect your daily life. You have a job to get back to, for example, and you may be well enough to return to your job. However, your medication might not allow it. 

Oxycontin often causes drowsiness, making it difficult to stay awake or operate machinery. Even if your job doesn’t call for that, you might still be unable to drive making  getting to and from work more difficult. 

Other milder side effects include nausea, stomach pain, and dry mouth. While these effects may sound minor, they can still make daily life much more difficult than normal. When you can’t perform everyday tasks, it can be tough to fully recover from your injuries. 

Rare, but Possible, Side Effects

In some cases, the risks may seem as bad or worse than the injuries themselves. While Oxycontin can help dull the pain, it can also cause medical emergencies that leave you worse for wear when trying to recover from your injuries. 

For example, let’s say you suffered through a serious car accident. You suffered a concussion, broken bones, and many other serious injuries. That left you suffering and in pain, so your doctor prescribed you Oxycontin. That may have helped you focus on your auto collision claim, not just your suffering, but it may have come at a high cost. 

Seizures, for example, are a real danger for many people using Oxycontin to treat pain. Difficulty breathing or swallowing, which can affect your health, may also affect you while on this medication. In fact, if you suffer from any major symptoms like this, your doctor may need to report your case to the FDA for documenting serious reactions. 

Talk to Your Doctor About Your Side Effects

While Oxycontin may be able to treat certain issues, it can still cause you harm and the benefits don’t always outweigh the dangerous side effects you could face. That doesn’t include the danger of addiction and dependence, either. 

Understanding the full effects of drugs like these isn’t easy. You’re injured, and you trust your doctor to give you the right medication for your recovery. Unfortunately, it’s not always so simple. 

If you’re worried that your doctor is giving you a medication that will ultimately harm your health, reach out for help understanding the effects of this medication and your alternatives. If you’re struggling to recover from a car crash, we may have the resources you need on your recovery. 


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