What Are the Penalties for Traffic Tickets in Florida?

The state of Florida has its fair share of traffic issues, so it comes as no surprise that tickets are quite costly. Just how much will it cost a person after getting issued a ticket for going too fast? Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

For starters, people in Florida will quickly realize that the flow of traffic is one of the fastest in the United States. Even if the speed limit is 70 mph, the flow of traffic can easily approach 85 mph. If everyone else is driving at that speed, rarely will a person be pulled over.

What are the penalties for traffic tickets in Florida? If a person is pulled over going six to nine mph over the speed limit, the cost of the ticket is $129. It jumps to $204 for 10 to 14 mph, $254 for 15 to 19 mph, and $279 for 20 to 29 mph. If the person is going 30 mph over the speed limit or more, an appearance in court is mandatory.

After being issued a citation, a person has thirty days to address it. They have a few options, including going to traffic school, paying the cost of the ticket, or requesting a court appearance. The last move is a bit tricky, because, if found guilty, there is a chance that court costs and a ticket fee in the end will cost more than the original ticket.

If a person does feel like he or she was wrongly accused of breaking the speed limit, there is an opportunity to fight the ticket in court. This is when a lot of people end up hiring legal representation in order to win. There are lawyers who specialize in traffic tickets and helping people avoid any type of cost or points on their record.

A lawyer who focuses on traffic laws will most likely know all the tricks of the trade. The attorney will know exactly what to do in order to increase the chances of success. The lawyer might even know which officers are more likely to show up to court than others. Remember, if a court date is issued, and the officer does not show up, a person can get free of the ticket just like that.

Getting pulled over in the state of Florida is frustrating, and the state does have one of the highest rates for fines. Make sure that the speed limit is observed at all times to avoid any serious issues with the law. While a lot of the highway driving is consistently over the speed limit, other roads are where a lot of people get pulled over. A traffic ticket attorney in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, or Jacksonville can help with the fight if a ticket is issued.


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